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The FMRC 13th Annual
Family Reunion, aka National Rally
starts in just

Brothers Gone...
but not forgotten.

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Freemasons RC
PO Box 93
Brush Creek, TN 38547



Welcome to the Freemasons RC
A Masonic Motorcycle Riding Club.

  The Freemasons Riding Club is an association founded and designed specifically to introduce motorcycling Free Masons to one another. We are comprised entirely of Freemasons with a love for freedom that is only found on two wheels � in the wind.   We find our best place working in our communities and supporting various causes and charities, especially while riding with our Brothers.

  Ultimately, we are the same Freemasons that you have known throughout your life and all of history � a fun-loving Brotherhood of charity that is reflected in our works. We are dedicated to promoting good will in our local communities while promoting safe, fun and professional motorcycling.

  We are not a gang or 1% club! As Freemasons, each of us strives to be an upright and law abiding member of the community at all times. We are active in our Lodges, dedicated to supporting the Widows and Orphans of our Brethren, and are always mindful to present a good impression of Bikers to the public when riding together.

In Memory MW John "JJ" Krom, PGM

  Family Reunion aka National Rally Aug 31 - Sep 3 2018
Same Location. New Owners, new name.

MW John "JJ" Krom, PGM


Our Brother was born in Poughkeepsie, New York December 7,1945. He spent his early years in New York and
Reno Nevada, until relocating to California in 1956. He received his education in the public school system and attended college at Valley College.

Brother John worked as a musician, and an actor until finally settling on a career in the steel industry.

MW Brother John had an illustrious career in both Blue Lodge Masonry and our Appendant and Concordant Bodies.

He was initiated, Passed and Raised in Arizona Lodge #2, serving as its Master in 1995. He served on several
Grand Lodge Committees and was a principal in the foundation of the Arizona Masonic Foundation for Children before being appointed by MW Bill Jeffers to the progressive Grand Lodge Line, and serving as Grand Master for the 2002/2003 Grand Lodge term.

Our Brother served as the leader of all three of his York
Rite Bodies, as well as being appointed to several Grand
York Rite positions.

In the Scottish Rite MW John was the director of the
work for the 14th, 19th, and 32nd degrees, and received
his KCCH designation in 2001.

Our Brother also served the following organizations with distinction:
Arizona Research Lodge # 1
El Zaribah Shrine
West Valley High Twelve
Saguaro Council Allied Masonic Degrees
York Rite Sovereign College

Our Brother was a true Mason, both in and outside the Lodge and will be missed by all who knew him.



We have secured lodging at the Heritage USA (same location as the old Hub) but they are only blocking off rooms for us for the next week so RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY MARCH 20th! (they seem a little sensitive so please use the NEW name, Heritage USA when making your reservations - they have gone to a lot of effort to get away from the Hub branding) per Mike Bigalow.

Group rates for the Freemasons Riding Club are: Sunday thru Thursday. $75 Friday and Saturday. $85 10% Discount rate for Veterans.

*** Because they are still renovating and need to be certain their rooms are booked for their big holiday weekend, this year and THIS YEAR ALONE they will be needing to require a stricter cancellation policy. THIS YEAR you will need to cancel within 3 days once you’ve made the reservation. My understanding is that you can allow another member to acquire your reservation (just like we have in years past) but if you cannot - you would still be obligated for the full amount of the reservation made! A more traditional cancellation policy can be expected for following years, should we desire to return. This gives us a workable (and familiar) option for THIS year, until we can more fully consider other possibilities for future Reunions.

Heritage USA Ozarks

***If you plan to attend the Reunion this year, PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS ASAP! Thanks!

* Thank you Dano & Maid Marian for all your efforts on the club's behalf... 





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